[Asterisk-Dev] T1 Card testing

David Davis david at smoothcorp.com
Fri Mar 7 16:52:00 MST 2003

How do I setup zaptel.conf and zapata.conf to get this setup to work
I have a T400P and I made a crossover cable
zttool gives me a OK on both spans




Not sure what to use in zapata.conf though.


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On Friday, March 07, 2003 5:10 AM, Vinod Sankar 
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> Hello,
> I'm planning to integrate the Digium Quad T1 card
> (WildCard T400P) to our own VoIP software, using the
> Asterix driver. However, we do not have an external T1
> line.  Is it possible to loopback a T1 line between 2
> ports of the same T1 card, configured as a line side
> port and a trunk side port, and test it with the Asterix driver ? ...

Lines and trunks can not be connected directly together.

There are two types of lines fxo and fxs. I assume that this fxo/fxs is 
what you meant. Having said that, it will work fine to connect one T1 
to another T1 of a T400P card. You would just need a normal T1 
crossover cable.

pin 1 -> pin 4
pin 2 -> pin 5
pin 3 - not used
pin 4 -> pin 1
pin 5 -> pin 2
pin 6 - not used
pin 7 - not used
pin 8 - not used

Don Pobanz

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