[Asterisk-Dev] T1 Card testing

Vinod Sankar vinod at netyantra.com
Fri Mar 7 04:10:09 MST 2003


I'm planning to integrate the Digium Quad T1 card 
(WildCard T400P) to our own VoIP software, using the
Asterix driver. However, we do not have an external T1
line.  Is it possible to loopback a T1 line between 2
ports of the same T1 card, configured as a line side
port and a trunk side port, and test it with the Asterix
driver ? As an aside, I was informed by a Digium sales
person that using just the Asterix driver code for Digium
cards is free of royalty for commercial applications. Could
someone confirm this ?

Vinod Sankar

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