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> I have come to the conclusion I can not live without SIP retransmitting.
> I remember that a least two persons claimed to be rewriting the chan_sip
> driver.
> I would like to know who is working to improve or re-implement SIP
> support in Asterisk. I would like to be involved. If no one is working
> on implementing retransmitting. I guess I better get reading up on the
> latest proposed SIP standard. LOL
I was planning on that, but unfortunately I have too little time for this 
project. I'll lend all assistance I can, though.

> I am assuming I would need to create a little state machine to at least
> keep up with the last sip packet sent, and resend it to the new end
> location. If anyone wishs to comment on there ideals for implementing
> retransmitting or at least has an ideal of what is involved feel free to
> send me a line.
Basically what needs to be done is an implementation of FSM as specified 
in RFC, for everything SIP stack is supposed to do. 


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