[Asterisk-Dev] Getting priority within AGI

Eric Wieling eric at fnords.org
Mon Jun 30 11:38:40 MST 2003

Didn't seem to work for me.  As far as I can determine the info in
README.variables only applies to extensions.conf and are not available
to AGI scripts.


On Mon, 2003-06-30 at 12:59, Martin Pycko wrote:
> If the app is giving back execution to your script you should be able
> to retrieve the value of PRIORITY local variable.
> Martin
> On 30 Jun 2003, Eric Wieling wrote:
> > Is there any way to GET the current priority within an AGI script.  I
> > know I can get that info when the AGI script starts, but if an
> > application that I EXEC changes the priority, I don't know how to get
> > the new priority.

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