[Asterisk-Dev] PHP Web interface testing and RFC

Dave Packham dave.packham at utah.edu
Fri Jun 27 12:25:51 MST 2003

Netscape has a bug in it that will not allow you to text search into a
editbox.   NS is working on fixing that. 



>>> dave.packham at utah.edu 6/27/2003 1:17:54 PM >>>
OK let’s start out with this.

I’m not a pro GUI designer…  ? 

Now that that’s done.  Welcome to OpenConf.  At least that what we
call it now.

To config an * file click on the filename to the left.  For my example
use extension.conf.

Now you’ll have a FULL text editor and a parsed list of all the
[sections] in the extensions.conf file on your left.  On the right you
will find any numbered var’s that are associated with the file you
looking at.   

Now select the [demo] context on the left and you will notice that the
data on the right has now changed to be all the extensions in that
context.  And also notice that you now ONLY see the text for the
section/context not the entire file. 

If you want the entire file back you click on the first entire in the
left column called extension.conf and it will take you back to the
entire file.

The UPDATE button will do a crc check on the current file before it
saves the text back to the system.  

On the grey bar along the top you’ll see hyperlinks that will take
you to different directories to edit the files there. And a RE-READ
CONFIGS, this run a Perl manager script the does a “reload” in *
reread the conf files.  

Again I have not spent a lot of time on making it user friendly…. Just
working good and parsing the correct stuff out.  

I hope to release the code to Mark soon.  Any comments welcome, just
look for me on IRC (p0lar) or use the list.

Here is the link


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