[Asterisk-Dev] ALERT_INFO on ATA-186

John Todd jtodd at loligo.com
Fri Jun 27 10:45:12 MST 2003

>Has anyone gotten the recently added ALERT_INFO variable working for the
>BTEL Consulting
>850-484-4535 x2111 (Office)
>504-595-3916 x2111 (Experimental)
>877-552-0838 (Backup Phone)

Well, the docs said that it is used, but none of the digital phones 
I've got hooked to my ATA-186's are giving anything differently as 
ringtones.  I don't even have an old analog phone here to test with a 
"real" bell, so testing is difficult.

The docs say that it's supported:

http://www.linuxylinux.com/voip/ata-sip.pdf   (Page 1-12, and 
interestingly enough, the doc says "AlertInfo" header, not 
"Alert-Info:" header, which is the RFC)


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