[Asterisk-Dev] phpWeather hack for 7960 services

Benjamin Miller BGMiller at dccinc.com
Thu Jun 26 07:00:22 MST 2003

I for one and interested in anyone doing "services" for the 7960's.
Part of that premium price is the ability to use the advanced cool
features such as this.
Good work! and keep us posted.

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Hey guys,

	I just wanted to give you all a heads up that I've nearly
completed a bit of a hack of phpWeather so that it'll report back the
weather information in an XML format that cisco phones like to receive.
This allows you to put a "Weather" option off of the services menu.  Not
sure if anyone else finds this technology even remotely useful.  If any
of you guys are interested in this, pop me an e-mail and I'll send my
proof of concept to all who are interested!

The only complication I have yet to overcome is the ~5-7
second wait the 7960 makes you go through before it
displays the data.  I'm not sure why it takes this long -- using IE,
wget, just about anything else, the XML doc is returned back nearly
instantly.  On the 7960, though, it waits.  Not sure why yet.


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