[Asterisk-Dev] Qs on Astrix & zaptel

Shahed Moolji shahed at enoor.com
Wed Jun 25 16:37:48 MST 2003


I am new to astrix.

I want to better understand how Astrix interfaces with the Digium boards.

I was looking at the chan_zip.c code, and saw that it does not make much use
of the zapata library
calls like zap_getdtmf(), zap_playf() etc etc.

So how does astrix interface with this hardware ? Is it through raw IOCTL's
on the device ?

Also, can I use part of the astrix framework to control channels directly,
instead of using it as a
PBX ?. i.e I want to do things like make calls,answer calls, play and recrod

For this, is the zaptel / zapata api's a better bet, or is there something
in astrix like ast_* that
would be better to use ?


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