Santosh Prasad sprasad at hubris.net
Wed Jun 25 13:44:01 MST 2003


I am setting up a VOIP network and using the following:

1. Asterisk-asterisk-0.4.0,asterisk-oh323(latest)
2. Gatekeeper-GNUGK(openh323 gatekeeper)  Version(2.0.3)
3. H323 Endpoints-ATA 186(H323 mode)
4. SIP Endpoints-ATA 186(SIP mode)

Everything worked fine except asterisk used to crash rarely for SIP to
H323 calls and vice-versa.

I did a CVS checkout today for asterisk to fix it but after installing I
find that I am able to make SIP-> SIP calls and H323-> H323 Calls 
but unable to make H323->SIP or SIP->H323 calls as asterisk
crashes all the time with a segmentation fault.

I tried to go back to my previous asterisk program and now I am unable
to start the asterisk as I am getting the following error:
  == Registered channel type 'OH323' (OpenH323 Channel Driver)
  == OpenH323 Channel Ready (v0.5.2)
 [app_enumlookup.so]WARNING[16384]: File loader.c, Line 212 
(ast_load_resource): /usr/lib/asterisk/modules/app_enumlookup.so: 
undefined symbol: ast_get_enum
WARNING[16384]: File loader.c, Line 368 (load_modules): Loading module 
app_enumlookup.so failed!

Please suggest me what I should do to fix this problem.



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