[Asterisk-Dev] Possible Bug in [SIP,MOH]

Mark Spencer markster at digium.com
Wed Jun 25 09:14:08 MST 2003

> 	I attempted a blind xfer from a 7960 this evening, and
> when the person I transferred to picked up, she received my
> music on hold at an abnormally high volume pumping through
> the handset, with the audio from the inbound call.  I don’t
> know if this is a bug with the SIP module not properly
> telling music on hold to shut up, or if it's MOH acting
> funky.  I'm going to try recreating this the next time I
> get a chance, and hopefully get some debug info relating to
> the situation.
> 	Has anyone else had problems with transfers/blind
> transfers from 7960's?

I just fixed this, coincidentally, this morning.


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