AW: [Asterisk-Dev] Adding "Bridge" command to manager.c: Implementation Problem

Mark Spencer markster at
Sat Jun 14 08:51:44 MST 2003

> - C and D are unconnected.
> - Masquerade (A, C) will connect the person A talks to (MOH for example)
> to C.
> - Masquerade (B, D) will connect the person B talks to (Person F for
> example) to D.
> - Bridging C and D will result in Person F hearing MOH.

No, you misunderstand masquerading, I think.  When you masquerade A into
C, then the guts of "A" are placed into the channel (and associated
application context) of "C", so that whatever application was working on
"C" is working on effectively channel "A", and whatever application was
originally working on "A" thinks "A" has been hungup.

I'm quite confident that (maybe with a little tweaking) the creating
newchannels, a new thread, and masquerading will definitely work.  See
the masqpark call code in res/res_parking.c for more details.


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