[Asterisk-Dev] Questions re: bundling of external libraries into * codebase

Rafal Boni rafal at pobox.com
Fri Jun 6 20:58:07 MST 2003

In message <Pine.LNX.4.05.10306061256500.18648-100000 at water.wwnet.net>, you wri

-> On 6 Jun 2003, Steven Critchfield wrote:
-> > 
-> > Libedit replaced libreadline for license reasons. It probably was
-> > included for reasons of maintaining which code base it called.
-> You hit the nail on the head regarding libedit.  There are multiple
-> versions of libedit floating around, and most of them didn't have the
-> ability to set a callback for the getchar function which is crucial for
-> remote console support.  So the best version had been included with
-> asterisk to save the nightmare of supporting multiple different versions
-> on different platforms.

Thanks to both you and Steven for the hints... Being new to the world of
*, I didn't even realize things like remote console existed :-)


Rafal Boni

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