[Asterisk-Dev] Questions re: bundling of external libraries into * codebase

Rafal Boni rafal at pobox.com
Fri Jun 6 08:07:06 MST 2003

This discussion of inclusion of PCRE libraries in * brings up a question
I has asked here but got stuck in the moderator approval queue[*]:

Quoting from that email:
        Finally, some philosophical questions:
                * Asterisk appears to incorporate code that I would expect
                  would be used from external libraries: mainly libedit and
                  db1, but also for example the md5 implementation.  Are 
                  those bits of code somehow specially tuned/tweaked for
                  use within Asterisk?  I ask, for example, because the
                  MD5 code (at least in 0.4.0) was not strict-alignment
                  safe on LP64 (think UltraSparc) and the copy I would
                  have used from libc (or libcrypto) provided by my
                  system was perfectly fine.


[*] I sent email from an address other than my subscribed address; is
there a way to add alternate addresses to the list which won't receive
any mail but be allowed to post?  Not being able to do so is a PITA for
me, as I write emails from a number of accounts/places, but only want to
receive list mail in one place.  I asked this of the list admin account,
but that appears to have gotten stuck in the same way as my unapproved
email :-)

Rafal Boni

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