[Asterisk-Dev] better pattern matcher

Thorsten Lockert tholo at sigmasoft.com
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Uh, there is one in *BSD's C library -- it is under a BSD license, so can
Be distributed with or without fee... 


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This has been discussed before on the list.  Someone correct me if 
I'm wrong on this: The issue is that there are no regular expression 
libraries that can be used in the way that the Asterisk license is 
written.  All of them are licensed such that they cannot be bundled 
into a larger package which _optionally_ may not be open-sourced 
under the same license as the library.  Asterisk is such a package, 
so most other inclusion libraries are not viable.

If you want to write one, and sign over the rights to the software to 
Digium, we'd all be thrilled to see it!  A better and more extensible 
pattern-match engine is sorely needed.  While you're at it, make sure 
it understands alphanumerics as well as just numerics; I'd like to 
see * eventually support "real" SIP addresses which incorporate 
letters as well as numbers.  :)


>I have to match against an ending pattern.
>Something like _09nnnn.8500
>The problem is that . immediately returns.
>My suggestion is to use a better matcher like
>glob or regex or pcre which supports this.
>Or at least check if there are still characters behind the "." in 
>the pattern to match against.
>So "." will relate to ".*" in regex or "*" in glob.
>Will such a patch be considered useful?
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