[Asterisk-Dev] Multiple ports for SIP listener + minor bug

John Todd jtodd at loligo.com
Thu Jun 5 12:43:45 MST 2003

>John Todd wrote:
>>This is a point of minor inconvenience: is it possible to get 
>>chan_sip to listen on multiple ports?  I have an instance where a 
>>phone is blocked from using port 5060 (well, not blocked, but 
>>"inappropriately translated" by a PIX) and I'd like to simply skip 
>>around the offending firewall with a different port number. 
>>However, at this point that seems to require Asterisk to be 
>>launched in a different thread with "port=" set in sip.conf, which 
>>seems to be a bit of overkill.   A better method would be to have a 
>>comma-separated list of ports that SIP requests would be 
>>transmitted/received on.
>I successfully use asterisk's sip listening on port 5061 (sip.conf), 
>because 5060 is for ser which redirects to asterisk on port 5061 
>solely for voicemail.
>there's no seperate thread for the other sip channel. you mean 
>another process family?

That's not quite what I'm looking for, and I know that I can get the 
whole Asterisk process to listen on a different port. I need Asterisk 
to listen on multiple ports at the same time.


I have customers who are being blocked by firewall configurations. 
Actually, "broken" is a better term, since the PIX is horribly 
stupid, and you _cannot_ turn it's stupidity off.  So I need to have 
Asterisk listen on multiple ports so that the calls can get around 
the firewall - their Cisco 7960 devices can be configured to use 
different ports.

>>PS: Line 1808 of chan_sip.c seems to hardcode 5060 as the port, 
>>even though there is a #define at the top of the file that lists 
>>the "default" port for SIP in a more flexible default manner.
>Good catch!
>I missed that.
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