[Asterisk-Dev] E1, crc-4 errors

Konrad Gorski konrad.gorski at abc-dc.com.pl
Mon Jun 2 05:25:32 MST 2003

I'v just obtained from Telco results of sync test on line E1<->E100P.
It's OK, line is synchronized, no errors. Problem is with CRC only.
Maybe framer on my E100P is faulty (what about, Mark?). 
CRC is essential for certify E100P in Poland.

Is someone in Europe using E100P/E400P connected to E1 with CRC

If yes (as I hope), I will buy and try next E100P for lab tests.


> CRC4 calculations are made within the framer itself.  How many errors
> you get?  Do they show up at particular time intervals?  In your
> /var/log/asterisk/messages does it report the line going into alarm?
> Mark

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