[Asterisk-Dev] Any way to tell if "busydetect" is working?

Brian Capouch brianc at palaver.net
Sun Jun 1 18:54:21 MST 2003

Until moments ago, I was under the impression that my LEC neither gave 
"remote disconnect notification" nor placed a busy on the line when the 
call was torn down on the remote end.

Now I find out that they do, indeed, send a busy, but it doesn't come 
until after approximately 30 seconds from the remote end going away.

I am ecstatic to know this, but my glee is tempered by the apparent fact 
that my X100P does not in fact detect the busy and hang up the phone.

I discovered this by chance when I was trying to figure out "why my 
maxsilence parameter isn't being observed," after I thought I had it 
working.  But it turns out that was not what the problem was:

If I get a call on the aforementioned line and the caller goes away 
immedidately that asterisk picks up, then by the time the call is 
transferred and passed into voicemail the busy has already started.

So this isn't silence, and voicemail happily records the busy tones 
until the max message size has been reached.

Is there any way to debug the reception of the busy tones?

Any/all pointers gratefully accepted.



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