[Asterisk-Dev] Voicemail[2]: vm-theperson and digits not played

Stephen Davies steve at daviesfam.org
Sun Jun 1 10:51:07 MST 2003


I've had a problem - I'd say since I started playing with * - where
announcements aren't always played right.

For example, with: "exten => 6999,1,VoiceMail2(u6999)", I should hear
"The person at extension 6 9 9 9 is NOT available...." and then a

Often I actually hear just the merest blip of the vm-theperson, and
then the beep.

Also, if you call into VoiceMailMain2, then drop and call back, then *

    -- Playing 'vm-login'
    -- Username not entered
    -- Playing 'vm-goodbye'

Again, vm-login isn't played (the merest blip).

Net effect is that Alison rudely picks up, says Goodbye and hangs up.

Usually after a while this comes right, though right now its stayed
broken quite some while.

I call in over SIP.

How can I help squash this bug?  Do others have the same problem?


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