[Asterisk-Dev] Monitoring channel status

Tilghman Lesher tilghman at mail.jeffandtilghman.com
Wed Jul 30 08:23:51 MST 2003

On Wednesday 30 July 2003 07:44 am, Sergey S. Stasyuk wrote:
> > You didn't describe how or where you wanted this information
> > displayed, but i'm sure you can make whatever you need to happen
> > using the Asterisk Manager interface.
> >
> >
> > Jeremy McNamara
> I need it in Manager UI (not Asterisk, user that will serve people
> in call-center).
> Can I connect to Asterisk Manager interface with my own program,
> not asterisk -r?

Yes you can.

> Can I connect to Asterisk Manager interface after that with
> asterisk -r?

'asterisk -r' does not connect to the manager interface.  However,
there are no limits either to the number of users connected to the
manager interface or to the console via 'asterisk -r'.


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