[Asterisk-Dev] Monitoring channel status

Jeremy McNamara jj at indie.org
Wed Jul 30 05:37:14 MST 2003

You didn't describe how or where you wanted this information displayed, 
but i'm sure you can make whatever you need to happen using the Asterisk 
Manager interface.

Jeremy McNamara

Sergey S. Stasyuk wrote:

>Hi all!
>I need such thing (subj):
>- when somebody dials, I see this (maybe: status - busy|dialing, number 
>- when opponent is answered status changed to smth like "processing";
>- when talk is finished, status have to be changed to "free";
>I know how to do only the last item.
>How to do this doesn't matter - DB, API calls. Preferred way will be to
>point me to code, where I can insert my calls (some kind of messages or
>signals) if it is not possible to do this with current *.

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