[Asterisk-Dev] Problem In transfer call

Manoj K Gupta mgupta at spgsolutions.com
Tue Jul 29 02:25:11 MST 2003

Hi list,

I am noticing a following error while trying the following scenerio.
I am using inaccess networks' h323channel driver version 0.5.4 with the 25 july code of asterisk from cvs.

I used two openphone from two machines in a lan environment with h323 alias as 001 and 002 respt to register with GNUGK on that lan only.

And  asterisk is registered with GNUGK as exten 005


    +           ------------OpenPhone  001
GNUGK    ________OpenPHone 002

I first make a call using 001 to asterisk. at 005 using g.723(My asterisk conf is having g.723 for test) and then use transfer button on openphone to transfer  the current call to 002 (ie other openphone).The call was transferrred but as soon as i recieved the call on 002, the call was discconnected with the following error messages.

WARNING[319513]: File chan_oh323.c, Line 2154 (alerted_h323_connection): Call with reference 25538 in unexpected state (4).

WARNING[286741]: File chan_oh323.c, Line 966 (oh323_read): H323:25538: Invalid size for G.723.1 (24 bytes).

WARNING[286741]: File chan_oh323.c, Line 966 (oh323_read): H323:25538: Invalid size for G.723.1 (1 bytes).

3:38.777 H225 Caller:8146688 H225 Received connect PDU.

WARNING[286741]: File frame.c, Line 76 (ast_smoother_feed): Smoother was working on 1108521436 format frames, now 

trying to feed 1?

ERROR[286741]: File chan_oh323.c, Line 1121 (oh323_write): H323:25538: Failed to fill smoother.

WARNING[286741]: File file.c, Line 509 (ast_readaudio_callback): Failed to write frame

== Spawn extension (default, s, 5) exited non-zero on 'H323:25538'

-- Hungup 'H323:25538'

3:38.858 LogChanTx:814b900 Codec Audio read failed:

3:38.863 H225 Caller:8146688 H225 Read error (0):

I tried using the other codec like GSM , but the same result.But when i used G.711 from 001 to 005(Asterisk) then the call was able to last for 1-2 minutes and then the asterisk crashed.

I would be thankful if somebody can explain the reason or the soultion.I suspect if asterisk-oh323 supports this kind of TRANSFER or there is some probloem with asterisk itself.

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