[Asterisk-Dev] # transfers on ATA 186

Iain Stevenson iain at iainstevenson.com
Mon Jul 21 09:17:08 MST 2003

I've been poking around in the code looking to see how easy it would be to 
implement a scheme whereby the # key had to be pushed twice to start a 
transfer.  This is useful if you dial an IVR system from an analogue phone 
through an ATA 186.  You want the # to be passed 'cos the remote system may 
act on it.

I made some changes to res_parking.c so that the first # is passed and two 
hashes start a transfer.  However, if I press any key after the first # 
other than another # the call is broken and drops into the invalid 
extension.  I must be missing some vital action needed to keep the call 
bridged - does anyone know what this is?


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