[Asterisk-Dev] Cisco interoperability?

Greg Renouf grenouf at well.com
Thu Jul 17 14:01:08 MST 2003

I've tried this one, but at the time (2 months ago, ) it was quickly
apparent that this could not be used as a commercial solution.

The main problem for me (with several h.323 devices) was that both of the *
h.323 interfaces were unstable- sometimes, unpredictably, problems would
occur (e.g. segfaults.)  After about 5-6 days of struggling with this
connection we came to the conclusion that we could not use it.

Sip works very well with *...

However, if you have any influence with the people who are running the Cisco
side, I believe it is much more sensible to put in a * box on their
location.  It is cheaper than upgrading the Cisco equipment (a T-100P only
costs $495), it will work seamlessly with your * box, and once they have one
in-house, it will open their eyes that they are wasting their money on Cisco


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> Hi.
> Does someone tried this scenario? (or like this)
>             --------------------
>             | Asterisk with
   ---------------------            ----------------------
> ----------->| H.323 and G.729  |----------| Gatekeeper(GNUGK)
|------------| Cisco AS5350/AS5400|---------------
>  E1/T1 line | Registered in GK
---------------------            ----------------------    E1/T1
>             --------------------
> I know that it should work, but there is a bunch of possible showstopers
like codecs interoperability, .....
> I just wonna avoid buyng another AS5350 Gateway - is always better to use
something opensource
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