[Asterisk-Dev] Patches concerning ENUM

Otmar Lendl lendl at nic.at
Tue Jul 15 04:14:05 MST 2003

Here are some patches to the ENUM lookup application.

They cover:

* bugfix for endless loop on failed enum query
* Support for the following enum-services fields:
	e2u+sip, sip+e2u, e2u+tel, tel+e2u and e2u+voice:
* Full regular expression parsing and substitution for
	NAPTR handling
* Support for tel: URIs
* an example on how to use that facility in form of an
	extensions.conf snippet.

We'll be demoing all that stuff at IETF-57 in Vienna
this week (thursday afternoon). Contact me for details.

Share and Enjoy!

Mark, I'll do the paperwork when I'm in the office.

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