[Asterisk-Dev] Sip CANCEL or BYE when picking up a call ?

Brancaleoni Matteo mbrancaleoni at espia.it
Thu Jul 10 11:25:10 MST 2003


I've noticed a thing:
when you ring a sip phone, and hangup before it answer,
asterisk sends a CANCEL to the phone to abort the current
operation (in this case, the INVITE).
and this's correct according to rfc.

But now... when a sip phone A is ringed from a phone B , and
that call from B is picked up by the phone C via *8 ,
asterisk sends 'BYE' to the phone A ( C & B are bridged ok).
But according to rfc, that's wrong, since 'BYE' must be
sent to release an active call .
The right thing to do is to send a CANCEL to A, since we want
to abort the pending INVITE.

I'm right ? That's a bug in asterisk ?

I've found that using the budgetones phone. They'll go
crazy if a INVITE is aborted by a BYE instead of a CANCEL.

Matteo Brancaleoni
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