[Asterisk-Dev] Reproducable hardcore segf in libpri, please confirm

Levent Guendogdu l.guendogdu at feature-it.com
Tue Jul 8 09:46:40 MST 2003

Hi all,

* segfaults on every incoming call on the e100p., which I do not know
how to fix. It is coming from libpri. Could anyone confirm that please?
zaptel, libpri, * are all current cvs.


#0  0x404fc5b1 in q921_transmit_iframe (pri=0x8100838, buf=0xbe1ff434,
len=10, cr=1) at q921.c:314
#1  0x40500eec in q931_xmit (pri=0x8100838, h=0xbe1ff434, len=10, cr=1)
at q931.c:1431
#2  0x405010bf in send_message (pri=0x8100838, c=0x813acc0, msgtype=2,
ies=0x40507a3c) at q931.c:1466
#3  0x4050126b in q931_call_proceeding (pri=0x8100838, c=0x813acc0) at
#4  0x40501305 in q931_alerting (pri=0x8100838, c=0x813acc0, channel=2,
info=1) at q931.c:1539
#5  0x404fb43c in pri_acknowledge (pri=0x8100838, call=0x813acc0,
channel=2, info=1) at pri.c:183
#6  0x404e78a7 in pri_dchannel (vpri=0x404f2fc0) at chan_zap.c:5691
#7  0x400220ba in pthread_start_thread () from /lib/libpthread.so.0


Levent Guendogdu <l.guendogdu at feature-it.info>
Feature-IT Information Technology

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