[Asterisk-Dev] Patch Submitters: README Voice announcements

John Todd jtodd at loligo.com
Tue Jul 1 15:12:24 MST 2003

[re-announcement with slight changes]

The kind people at VoicePulse (http://www.voicepulse.com/) have 
donated some funding towards getting additional voice prompts done by 
Allison Smith for FREE.  They have told me to handle collection and 
management of the prompts, but it is their way of donating something 
back to the Asterisk project.

If you have a patch to Asterisk that requires voice prompts and is 
waiting on your $$$ to get Allison to record them, this is the answer 
to your problem.  VoicePulse's donations should cover a large number 
of prompts and phrases to be recorded and included in the standard 
Asterisk distribution.  I will be collecting phrases and handling 
file creation once Allison returns them in their raw form.

We'll even consider words or phrases that you think really _need_ to 
be included with Asterisk, but just aren't there in the standard 
distribution.  I reserve the right to be the judge on what is useful 
and what is not given the restrictions of our budget.

Mail to me your phrases by Friday morning (hint: do it now, or you'll 
forget. ;)


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