[Asterisk-Dev] Patch: app_festival cleanups and enhancements

John Laur johnl at blurbco.com
Tue Jul 1 12:10:52 MST 2003

I have done some updating to app_festival. Here are the changes in this

1) Clean up messages - No longer uses WARNING messages for every little

2) Fix documentation - intdigits wasn't actually supported and while
interrupting Festival on digit press worked, it didn't actually retun
the digit that was pressed.

3) Change behavior of command "Festival" to work more like "Playback" --
speech is no longer interruptable.

3) Add a new command "FestivalBG" that works more like "Background" --
it allows the speech to be interrupted and returns the pressed digit
just like "Background"

I am hoping that these changes will allow people to develop IVR apps
more quickly by working as stand-ins for "Playback" and "Background" (or
stream-file in AGI). The time saved not having to record stand-in voice
prompts can be considerable, and after the application is complete,
professional prompts can be recorded and dropped right in with very
minor changes.

Also, it may work better now for people actually needing to use speech
synthesis in their IVR apps. Hope it helps!

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