[Asterisk-Dev] second try: missing ISDN cause code

Andrea Venturi andrea.venturi at tin.it
Fri Feb 21 13:25:52 MST 2003

Martin Pycko wrote:
> Without getting any logs it's hard to respond to your email at all.

i'm answering because i'm a colleague of the poster..

the problem is that there are few thing to show.

in chan_zap.c under the " case PRI_EVENT_HANGUP:" (line #5429) we put 
just a warning print like:

  ast_log(LOG_WARNING, "Hangup cause 0x%x\
n", e->hangup.cause);

and we can see it in the log.. but there's no provision  here for a 
AST_CONTROL_BUSY ... it seems completely missing, but maybe it 's not 
the right place!

we are interested in the full set of isdn disconnect-cause codes because 
there are informations about congestion and reject and more.

this way we could make better decision WRT rerouting and more.. but in 
that case, i.e. exposing the isdn cause code at the application level 
(in the extension.conf logic, i mean) would require a reworking of the 
syntax (now asterisk cope only with (u)nanswered and (b)usy call setup 
if i'm not wrong..)

maybe someone knows already the answer, otherwise we'll get some more 
time investigating the source because we need this information from 
chan_zap (at least the AST_CONTROL_BUSY AST_FRAME)..

hope to give back something to the community, then..



> regards
> Martin
> On Thu, 20 Feb 2003, Lorenzo Pallara wrote:
>>Hi all,
>>    this is the second (and last ;) mail on the subject in the hope to get
>>some help:
>>The Dial application of Asterisk (app_dial.c) fails to detect user busy and
>>congestion with a Zapata channel (chan_zap.c), the reason is that the error
>>codes correctly received, from libpri i guess, are not used. We were able to
>>print out the codes in chan_zap.c but before starting tampering chan_zap.c
>>we will ask again: Are we missing something or this support is missing at
>>today development status?
>>Please help... TIA,
>>    Lorenzo Pallara
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