[Asterisk-Dev] Strange bells in voicemail and voicemailmain ?

Florian Overkamp florian at obsimref.com
Tue Dec 30 03:32:22 MST 2003


I've just made a new update from cvs on my devel box to play with, and I
noticed that I get console bells when I start the voicemail app and asterisk
seems to hang the channel.

(I'm running asterisk non-detached in a screen, so my screen starts blinking
madly and becoming unusable, have to kill the window and start again)

Further debugging:

I'm moved CVS back as far as 20/12 and it still doesn't work, so I'm curious
as to what could be causing this...


Met vriendelijke groet,
Florian Overkamp
ObSimRef BV 

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