[Asterisk-Dev] DTMF Error

Brent Franks mwless at mindworks.net
Sun Dec 28 22:24:41 MST 2003


On the Polycom IP 500 Phones, when I press the "mic mute" button, the
mic on the speaker or headset goes muted (as expected).  However when I
press the mic mute button again (to unmute the mic), the call is
terminated by asterisk.  Asterisk shows a:

WARNING[1236268096]: File channel.c, Line 1296 (do_senddigit): Unable to
handle DTMF tone 'f' for 'SIP/####-####'

I am using reinvite=no on the phones.

After looking through the C file, it is clear where DTMF tones are
declared, however, I want to make this one silent.  Is there anyway I
could alter this file, to simply ignore the tone and continue the call.

Also, from a design perspective, should Asterisk natively be more
lenient with tones that it doesn't understand, rather than just cutting
the call off?  Not sure if this would be considered a bug or whether
there was some functionality with this that I just am missing?



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