[Asterisk-Dev] calling user hears 'pbx-transfer' after being parked

Barton Hodges barton at gcmcomputers.com
Thu Dec 25 22:55:20 MST 2003


When a calling user is parked (#800, for instance), and then picked
back up (#801), if the calling user hits the # key, they hear
'pbx-transfer', no matter what the initial Dial() flags are when the
bridge is first made.  I noticed that it is due to this line "res =
ast_bridge_call(peer, chan, 1, 1, 0);" in res_parking.c where both
allowredirect_in and allowredirect_out are set in the call to

If I don't want the calling user to hear 'pbx-transfer', I can change
this line to "res = ast_bridge_call(peer, chan, 1, 0, 0);".  Is this
the appropriate thing to do?  What are the repercussions for doing



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