[Asterisk-Dev] Dial() returns - +1 or +101 and what they mean

duncan duncan at impede.net
Wed Dec 24 04:05:53 MST 2003

> Or, is the problem that Dial should have more than two returns - right
> now Busy, Congestion and No answer within timeout are all being
> squeezed into two returns.

im also having the same problems with this.  i have failover setup between
4 servers, and need to cutdown the load on my switch.  i would love
specific returns to deal with individual cases.  so i know i dont need to
try again if i get congestion or busy but i can play a message to inform
the user (and possibly setup callback).  whereas if the asterisk server
itself isnt responding i would like to immediately route to the next

anyone thought much about whats needed to do this correctly?

anyone working on better redundancy support in asterisk/iax2?


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