[Asterisk-Dev] MGCP Problem

Sergi Gabunia sg at wanex.net
Tue Dec 23 00:03:07 MST 2003

Hi all,

I have VOIP network built with MGCP endpoints.The manufacturer of endpoints is ASKEY. I downloaded latest Asterisk software and found it very useful for me. I configured it and it seems that everything works OK when I am testing it with one or two endpoints. After that I tried to move Asterisk to working network and replace existing call manager. It starts working and calls are proceeding but after a while I could not hear a dialtone and saw in logs the following:
Nov 27 11:40:57 WARNING[10251]: File chan_mgcp.c, Line 2127 (handle_hd_hf): Unable to create switch thread: Interrupted system call

Also, I see that every time endpoints goes through ONHOOK/OFFHOOK transition there are 12 bytes adding to used memory of asterisk. May be this memory leak causes above error.

Please, help me to resolve this problem.

Best regards,
Sergi Gabunia

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