[Asterisk-Dev] RE: VoiceTronix OpenSwitch12 Problem

Paul Bagyenda bagyenda at dsmagic.com
Sun Dec 21 22:39:36 MST 2003

As the guy who wrote the driver, I am trying to keep tabs of the 
changes people have made to get this working, and will work on getting 
the driver into a state where it works for everybody without much 
messing with the code. For your problem there is a line in the code 
that says:

res = vpb_ring_station_async(p->handle, VPB_RING_STATION_ON,'1');

Try changing that last parameter to 0 and see what happens. This 
function changed prototype in the new Voicetronix library. Somebody on 
the list put this in and I kept it but it seems to make the phone only 
ring once.



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From: "Jacky" <jacky.taiwan at msa.hinet.net>
To: <asterisk-dev at lists.digium.com>
Subject: Re: [Asterisk-Dev] RE: VoiceTronix OpenSwitch12 Problem
Date: Fri, 19 Dec 2003 12:42:22 +0800
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Faiz, Daniel,

When i chang chan_vpb.c to following

static VPB_TONE Dialtone     = {440, 440, 440, -12,  -12, -12, 5000, 0  
static VPB_TONE Busytone     = {440,   0,   0, -12,  -12, -12,   500, 
static VPB_TONE Ringbacktone = {440,   0,   0, -12,  -12, -12,  100, 

it is work in OpenSwitch 12, but when i call from CO to EXT, the EXT 
only ring one time
After Off Hook the phone, the answer response delay about 3 seconds

What is the main cause?

Thank for  your help

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