[Asterisk-Dev] Dynamic IAX connections

Steve Rodgers hwstar at rodgers.sdcoxmail.com
Sun Dec 14 21:41:20 MST 2003

What are the snags and obstacles to add dynamic IAX origination to Asterisk. I 
posted the following in the VOIP forum over at dslreports under FWD/IAX 
nexthop because it is such an interesting idea:


I've been doing some thinking about this, and I think it would be possible to 
refine this to the next level by setting up something like the following:

A "virtual tandem" server whose job is to know which asterisk boxes are on 
line and can accept calls for certain rate centers. The virtual tandem server 
would listen to registration requests from the asterisk servers which are 
available to complete calls in certain areas of the world and would receive 
requests from callers and point them to those servers which were able to 
complete the call. These
would be known as public termination points.

There would be 2 pieces of software to write, the virtual tandem server, and 
an add on to asterisk to allow it to set up dynamic IAX trunks to the public 
termination points from information received from the virtual tandem server. 
The asterisk side would also need some code added to facilitate the 
registration of public termination points, and usage restrictions.

There are other issues to work out such as failure of the virtual tandem 
servers. Some kind of system like slave name servers would have to be 
employed to make the system reliable.

This setup would be cool as it would revive the spirit of
old time "phone phreaking" but in a legal manner.



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