[Asterisk-Dev] Why use SIGABRT to kill mpg123 procs in res_musiconhold?

Sam Bingner sam at bingner.com
Thu Dec 11 22:04:57 MST 2003

I used SIGABRT because it worked better at killing off the child processes
than SIGTERM did.  Other signals were trapped by * somehow, if SIGTERM
works fine now and doesn't leave zombie mpg123's around, something may
have changed... Or I may have been smoking crack when I made that patch ;)


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> On Wed, 2003-12-10 at 23:34, Tom Moertel wrote:
> > My * server's /var/lib/asterisk/mohmpg directory is littered with
> > core
> > files. After I little digging through the asterisk sources, I think I
> > know why. The function ast_moh_destroy() in res_musiconhold.c uses
> > SIGABRT to terminate mpg123 processes. Is there a reason for using
> > SIGABRT and not SIGTERM or SIGKILL instead?
> >

SIGTERM works fine here. Thanks for the help.


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