[Asterisk-Dev] SEGV in CVS version of Asterisk

Andrew Kohlsmith akohlsmith-asterisk at benshaw.com
Wed Dec 10 09:15:15 MST 2003

> I would have to disagree with the advice that you guys are giving this
> person.  If the module compiles in to Asterisk by default then it should
> be coded to handle the null pointer gracefully.  Other non-developers
> could experience the same crashing of Asterisk and have no idea what is
> going on or how to diagnose it.  All they end up doing is either stop
> using the product because it seems buggy or harass people over and over
> again on the users mailing list.

I agree with you 100%.  any entry point the user can potentially screw 
around with should be able to gracefully handle any kind of null pointer, 
buffer overflow attempt or other mangling of the input data.  This I would 
consider a _requirement_ not a nice feature to have.


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