[Asterisk-Dev] SEGV in CVS version of Asterisk

Steven Critchfield critch at basesys.com
Tue Dec 9 21:48:14 MST 2003

in /etc/asterisk/modules.conf


On Tue, 2003-12-09 at 21:53, Ron OHara wrote:
> Hi,
> Maybe someone can suggest how to bypass this problem.
> Background:
> I took a copy of asterisk from CVS and did the 'make clean ; make 
> install ; make samples' and tried starting it (with all the configs 
> unchanged) just to see if it would start.
> Nope - instant Segmentation Fault.
> So - after a bit of tracking around with 'ddd' I found that the problem 
> is in the 'monitor' thread of the 'chan_vpb' driver.
> The SEGV occurs on line 142 of 'vpb-driver-2.2.34/src/fifo.cpp' - not 
> surprising since it is handed a NULL pointer as it's queue to read from.
> This was called from line 2185 of 'vpb-driver-2.2.34/src//vpbapi.cpp' 
> and is where the 'vpb_get_event_sync' routine tries to do an initial 
> read from a queue pointer (variable name is APIQ) ... and this pointer 
> is also NULL.
> Since I dont have a Voicetronix Voice Processing Board (VPB) in the 
> system, it's not surprising that all the setup stuff is null or not 
> initialised.
> My question is:  How do I tell the configs that I dont have a VPB 
> installed? - as a secondary issue, somewhere in the startup, the 
> initialisation of the VPB card should have failed and not let this 
> situation move forward to where it SEGV's .... if there is no config 
> file change I can make, can someone point me to (roughly) where the 
> initialisation happens so that I can make it tolerate the lack of hardware.
> Regards
> Ron O'Hara
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