[Asterisk-Dev] lawful intercept

wasim at convergence.com.pk wasim at convergence.com.pk
Thu Dec 4 00:52:39 MST 2003

jtodd and I were discussing using * in lawful intercept a while back, and
both of us think that with a little coding helping, * would be a great
intercept platform both TDM and VoIP, and hell with app_fax, hehe

anybody done work on this, want to donate some cycles towards it, we know 
of a few opportunities where this could work and it'd be a great feather 
in *'s cap - also once we've got a demonstratable case point, the funds 
should also roll in since there are a number of smaller operators who 
would rather spend 50k on a * intercept box than 500k on a different one

food for thought ...

- wasim

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