[Asterisk-Dev] Implement missing features in Meetme application

Jeremy McNamara jj at nufone.net
Wed Dec 3 12:21:46 MST 2003

Angel Carpintero wrote:

> Hi all ( dev & user list ),
> I'm starting to implement the missing features in Meetme application :
>  's' -- send user to admin/user menu if '*' is received

Don't bother.   Use the AGI script option, its much much much more 
flexible, just fix it to work on all channel types.

 'b' -- run AGI script specified in ${MEETME_AGI_BACKGROUND} (Zap 
channels only)
             (does not work with non-Zap channels in the same conference)

Also, only lamers cross-post...don't be a lamer.


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