[Asterisk-Dev] IAX2 call variable passing between servers

Mark Spencer markster at digium.com
Wed Dec 3 07:52:50 MST 2003

> at the API level, there's a function:
>  iax_send_text(struct iax_session* session, char* text);
> which will do just that (both in iax 1 and 2), which generates
> IAX_EVENT_TEXT on the client side. Works in P2P (bridged calls).
> I have no idea how this interfaces to other channel types (or IAX1 <->
> IAX2 for that matter), though my copy of * CVS contains no references
> to IAX_EVENT_TEXT, so it's probably silently ignored by the server.

The server should pass it along just fine.  The biggest "limitation" of
text messaging in Asterisk is that it requires an open call to run, thus
cannot be used with MSN for example which uses a different callid each
time you send a message.


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