[Asterisk-Dev] SMS over PRI/E1?

Mark Hagler pbx at hagler.org
Wed Dec 3 00:51:15 MST 2003

Well, you can transport SMS over about anything you want... ISDN is just a
transport protocol; you can carry any sort of payload you'd like over it.
It's especially easy to transport data over a B channel to another ISDN end
point.   It is also possible to transport over the D channel signaling path
but this is more difficult to configure.

You can do data over B channels with the Zaptel driver really easy.
Sending application data over the D channel might require more effort, I've
never really looked into it so I can't say for sure.

Where do you plan on sending SMS?   You'd have to have a link to somewhere
else that's willing to accept the SMS in the same format that you send it. 

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hi all

I spoke to this guy the other day, working with Cisco's VoIP system. He
told me they were using a PRI/E1 to transport SMS, and could even do so
from their phones.

May this be possible with asterisk? I have an E100P in my primary
asterisk server connected to a E1/PRI.


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