[Asterisk-Dev] Asterisk with Voicetronix OpenLine4 card

Ahmad Faiz afaiz at bridge-cti.com
Mon Dec 1 09:07:19 MST 2003

hi there,

i've been able to successfully run asterisk with the Voicetronix OpenLine4
card, it can accept calls and function normally. The only problem I'm
experiencing so far is getting the card to outdial to a third party.

What I'm trying to achieve is basically call bridging, where the caller
dials in to asterisk, some IVR plays and then attempts to perform a
"transfer" to a third party, and once the outbound call is connected both
legs are bridged.

I've seen some dialplans out there that use the normal Dial application. in
my dialplan i've used various different methods:

exten => s,5,Dial(55555555)
exten => s,5,Dial(vpb/55555555)
exten => s,5,Dial(vpb/1-3/55555555)

(the third one is assuming it means board 1 line 3)

in the log file, the following error is recorded each time the outbound dial
is attempted:

"File app_dial.c, Line 499 (dial_exec): Unable to create channel of type

As far as the vpb.conf file goes, my attempts include:

1) Setting channels 1 and 2 as FXO, channels 3 and 4 as immediate
2) Setting channels 1 and 2 as FXO, channels 3 and 4 as dialtone
3) Setting channels 1-4 as FXO

i may have something mixed up here, has anyone had any success with this?
note that i'm not using the OpenSwitch card, it's the OpenLine.


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