[Asterisk-Dev] H323 processing limit

Jeremy McNamara jj at indie.org
Wed Apr 16 13:52:28 MST 2003

Unfortunately, it depends on which channel driver your running.  
chan_h323 is setup so that you can take advantage of the codec 
pass-through feature of Asterisk.   We have simulated 125 concurrent 
calls setup in random (sub-15 second) intervals, using passthru, on a  
500mhz P4 without causing more than a 5 second delay in call setup 
time.  We have a few separate production systems (single 2.53 ghz,  P4, 
2gig ram) with running pass-thru and have never had a single compliant 
about audio problems, but at this point we've only pushed about 3 T-1s 
of concurrent real traffic on any one system.

Now, if you have to do the actual codec-ing on the machine then you are 
going to lose overall number of calls due to the processor time it takes 
to encode and decode whatever codec your running.   On that same 500mhz 
P4 test machine, we were able to simulate 45 concurrent calls using GSM, 
again without a long delay in call setup time.

With that other H.323 driver we couldn't make10 concurrent calls work 
reliably, so we wrote chan_h323.

Jeremy McNamara

Xara Developement wrote:

> Hi.
> I need to know aproximately, how many H323 calls coming from a 
> ethernet 10/100 card , i can manage with Asterisk running on a Pentium 
> III 750 MHZ machine with Linux RH9.
> Any source of bechmarks ?
> Thank you.
> Rodrigo.
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