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Thu Apr 17 15:28:25 CDT 2008

Author: murf
Date: Thu Apr 17 15:28:24 2008
New Revision: 114224

URL: http://svn.digium.com/view/asterisk?view=rev&rev=114224
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r114190 | murf | 2008-04-16 17:53:27 -0600 (Wed, 16 Apr 2008) | 1 line

This is the scariest commit I've done in a long time. This is the astobj2-ification of chan_sip. I've tested a number of scenarios like crazy. It used to have 4x the call setup/teardown performance of trunk, but now it's roughly at parity. I will attempt to find the bottlenecks and get it back to the 4x mark. The changes made were somewhat invasive, but the value to the community of these upgrades outweighs waiting further for more testing. Every change being made to chan_sip was lousing this code up when we tried to merge. Peers, Users, Dialogs, are all now astobj2 objects, indexed via hashtables. Refcounting is used to track objects and free them at the bitter end of their lives. Please file issues on bugs.digium.com, and PLEASE, please, please be patient. One natural advantage to all the hash-table work is that loading large sip.conf files full of thousands of peers now goes much faster. One more please: PLEASE help thrash this code and test it.

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