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Thu Apr 17 15:26:06 CDT 2008

Author: murf
Date: Thu Apr 17 15:26:06 2008
New Revision: 114220

URL: http://svn.digium.com/view/asterisk?view=rev&rev=114220
Blocked revisions 114175 via svnmerge

r114175 | murf | 2008-04-16 11:45:28 -0600 (Wed, 16 Apr 2008) | 1 line

Introducing various astobj2 enhancements, chief being a refcount tracing feature, and various documentation updates in astobj2.h, and the addition of standalone utility, refcounter, that will filter the trace output for unbalanced, unfreed objects. This comes from the team/murf/bug11210 branch.

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