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Mon Aug 6 12:22:07 CDT 2007

Author: russell
Date: Mon Aug  6 12:22:07 2007
New Revision: 78189

URL: http://svn.digium.com/view/asterisk?view=rev&rev=78189
Make this branch public.  It was private before because it started out as just
some Saturday morning tinkering, but it is now turning into something useful.

In this branch, I am working on a new modules, res_ais, which takes advantage
of a standardized clustering framework, AIS.  Specifically, I am writing code
to interface with its EVT (eventing) service.  I am already pretty close to
having it to where it will allow you to share MWI information across a cluster.

The AIS framework also provides a lot of other cool stuff.  There is a BSD
licensed implementation, openais, which I have been developing against.
Consult google for details on some of the other cool features of the AIS
(Application Interface Speicification), as defined by the SAForum.

      - copied from r78187, team/russell/private/ais/

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