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On Tue, May 10, 2011 at 3:27 PM, Fred Newtz <fred at tier2xpress.com> wrote:

> Sure not a problem.  I have several other ideas for that software myself.
>  As you can imagine the ideas for it are limitless.
> I already have it setup here in house.  If you have any problems feel free
> to hit me up.
> Maybe we could just talk the carriers into a standardized format.
> Fred
> Hi Fred,

Sorry I am not ignoring this, but just got caught up with a load of stuff as
we're trying to go to demo our platform for potential investors etc. I have
downloaded and installed this tool, but haven't had the chance to look at it
closely. Might have to read the manual etc. Will let you know if I need

BTW, as far as the carriers are concerned, we have unsuccessfully tried that
in different companies on several occasions. Like someone else mentioned, it
appears that carriers deliberately make it really hard for downstream
carriers to import these rates etc. or even if that's not true, they
certainly aren't interested in taking that concern seriously as they have
their systems all setup the way they are and I doubt they care about
creating a committee or forming a standard and then adhering to that. Why
this wasn't done right from the beginning, I don't know...it would help
everyone but alas :(
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