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Borja SIXTO borja.sixto at i6net.com
Thu May 12 03:31:02 CDT 2011


i6net have integrated the Fax applications to the Asterisk VoiceXML browser.

So you can "play" and "record" fax files (tiff) from the VoiceXML syntax 
(using SendFax, ReceiveFax, with the tags <audio> and <record>).
(the VoiceXML can use a POST/multipart (to a web server) or copy the 
file in a local folder to store the fax file, and use HTTP or a local 
reference to send it).


Borja form i6net

Le 11/05/2011 23:17, Mike Roberts a écrit :
> Hi,  anyone suggest (based on previous experience) a company that 
> provides Fax Back services using an API?
> Thanks,
> -Mike
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